We do the...


We walk you through the process to vote, or confirm that you have, in under 2 minutes.


We constantly research and report on the actions of your politicians so that you can give them feedback.


We find out when and where you need to vote so you can make a plan easily.


We connect with supportive politicians to engage with UltraVoters and actualize their policy priorities.


We share local actions and statewide email campaigns so that you can easily put pressure on your politicians.


We connect with progressive nonprofits and young people to ensure they’re fairly compensated for registering young voters.


Our Problem

Voting in a state with a conservative majority (like Florida) can often feel like a waste of time for young voters. It can sometimes feel like just one vote out of thousands won’t matter. We’re changing that.


Our Solution 

With UltraVote, the power of young people is multiplied by giving politicians who would typically ignore us a reason to act on our issues.


Our System

Many Floridian politicians are ignoring young people, because they’re counting on us not to vote. So, UltraVote automatically sends a weekly email containing your selected voting priorities to all of your politicians, with proof that you are ready to vote in their future elections, so they know what they’ll need to do to earn your vote. Then, we’ll update you on how your politicians act on your selected issues, and give you opportunities to send them feedback.

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